The Double-Seven Treats.

Despite the western Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th each year, the seventh day of July in Chinese Lunar Calendar is called Qi-Xi, a traditional festival to celebrate LOVE, originated from 2,600 years ago since the Han Dynasty.

The story was an appreciation to the distant bonding between weaver fairy ZhiNv and a cowherd named NiuLang, God was touched by their devoted affection, and permitted that on this day of the year, by having magpies building a bridge between the land and the sky for them to unite. Although this love story sounds a little sad to me – but girls, who would reject another excuse to be showered with LOVE? 

Well, maybe not so wallet-friendly to the Misters (sorry, not sorry), but any formats of celebrations that are meaningful to each lovebirds would be as sweet as it could be evenly measured – it’s the heart that counts. Not to forget those who just had a broken heart, head out for a girls’ happy-hour or a chilled me-time with some pampers at home. As long as you do not give up on the loving energy, you’ll be healed pretty soon again, all ready and glowing to allow generous amount of LOVE beaming into your soul. 

The Down-to-earth Duo

Pick her up after work, take her to the convenience store in the neighbourhood and pick a pair of cute ice-creams together, share a good conversation in the cafe or go for an evening wander in the park – treat it as simple as how you celebrated each date with each other’s company. The ice-cream costed only a dollar, yet the feeling to enjoy the extraordinaries in the ordinaries are priceless.

The Romantic Duo

If you are a couple that are more ceremonial and enjoy exploring delicate desserts together, Italian restaurants would have sufficient varieties of choices to share  tips for guys, Always Share, especially on a V-Day! 

My go-to pick would usually be a yummy Panna Cotta, especially this version I tried at Gemma, Shanghai – tender soft chilled Creamy Gelatin Pudding with finely-cut White Chocolate Chips and Homemade Raspberry Sauce layered among each other – wait till all the flavours melt in your mouth and drench together – an indeed heart-felt satisfaction to end a decent meal.

Other choices might be a classic Tiramisu, a Flour-free Almond Powder Chocolate Cake, or simply any choice of your favourite scoop of Gelato.

The Big Love

If you are celebrating this day with beloved family or friends, a Banoffee Pie would be on top of my recommended list. Either packing from an authentic bakery to serve with your preferred table setting, or just DIY a pie together with your own touch of decorations, would be equally festival.

This specific version from Beef & Liberty, Shanghai has totally surprised me, with its Toffee Sauce less sweetened, and Crumbs with additional Toasted Coconut Bits thoroughly mixed. Extremely rich in textures that you simply can not stop!

Be it Double-Seven Valentine’s Day, or Double-Eleven Single’s Day, may you ultimately be found in a Doubled Happiness.


– J x

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