Decisions. Decisions.

Dominyck’s Summer holiday officially started this weekend, cheers to the exciting 6 weeks ahead for him to back up some more Mandarin! (Haha)

Each year this time, I think of how much he and I have grown since the last summer, and how many decisions I have made for us in the past 12 months.

This is the first academic year Dom switched to British curriculum from a pure Chinese curriculum, I recall how nervous I was when I was making the decision, worrying whether he will cope. One year down the road, he said to me last week at the end of 3rd semester, “Mommy, thank you for changing my life, I loved all your decisions.”

I’ve always been the “loose” kind of mom since he was young, never an authority, but always a partner; never fuss about class rankings, but always preaching politeness. He knows my boundaries, he knows I mean it when I raise my eyebrows, he of course, definitely knows when I would keep one eye shut.

This also has been the year we lived far apart from my parents and helpers. Dom started to wash his own dishes (when asked), hang his own laundry (and mine, rather reluctantly), seal the bread bag and close jam jar lid after finishing his breakfast (this is difficult in the mornings, trust me), pack his own travels (before I sneak in 10 more items at midnight), camp away for 5 days by himself (more of this please), throw out trash every night (yay!), wipe and put the toilet seat down whenever finish using (his future wife will thank me), etc. etc. his growth was not only reflected in his super crazy height (one of the tallest in his grade!), but also his unspoken love for me to help me do more, so that I could do less.

He giggles with me at the most silly jokes, but will also pass me a tissue when I tear or pms at stress (it happens), I worry about how he takes every decision I make, but I have also grown so much this year, to fully trust every decision I make for us without any guilt, as long as we are together, we are a team.

Here’s to another fruitful Summer.

2019.7.13 6:03pm, otw to Airport

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