The Classic Blue.

Onto the last month of work trips for the next 2 weeks. Spent some quality time back home, celebrated my birthday, and I’ve had the most blissful first 10 days of being 36.

Shared a discussion with Rebecca on #perspectives and #surrender last week. We were all taught to plan everything ahead growing up, however things don’t always turn out the way it’s been mapped out, because God often has better intentions. BETTER, here, is not necessarily what we think that favors towards our will, it is relative, in the perspective for us to UNDERSTAND our purposes better, FOR the good – stumbling upon those moments in our life, we pause to thought – Ugh huh, I’ve never thought it would be this way, and it is just so much BETTER!

This year, one of the biggest work I’ve contributed to myself, is having learnt how to surrender – and willingly to surrender. To the FLOW of our lives, and to flow WITH the pace of our lives. Do not rush, do not resist. Wake up, get up, show up. Recognize our problems, validated it, and resolve it. Problem, is relatively not a negative term, as every day is about refining our problem-solving skills, and problem-solving does not necessarily equivalent to struggle, the choice of perspectives was absolutely ours.

Not sure how many of you have noticed The Pantone Classic Blue of 2020. It is interpreted as: sky at dusk, reassurance, endurance, simplicity, elegance, promise of protection, desires, stable foundation, multi-sensory, equal opportunity, and diversity. I soaked it all in since the announcement, and is inspired and amazed by nature’s calling to our world of today.

Sharing these notes, hope they are relatable to your current spiritual journey.

– J x

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