May the 4th be with you.


This ( IG: ) foreword has come a long way.

Been extracting all the feelings I wanted to express for this first post, all the childhood dreams of wanting to be a writer, and all the career journeys ventured through this thing called “content”, it has gone far more than I have asked for.

Today, as I am ready to jot down these storylines after imagining how this space should be for a year, there was only one thought that has kept spinning in my mind, which perfectly summarized what has led me back here: [ since “the only constant in life is change”, let’s start today with a little twist. ]

As one common human race, every one of us was literally being “sent back to our rooms” over the past couple of months, to self-reflect what are the old norms that are worth keeping, and to explore what are the new changes that need to be adapted. To cope with uncertainties can be challenging, yet “twisting” some aspects of our lives sounds more effortless, whether it is in a physical, mental, social, or cultural context.

With a strong support system from family, friends, or even people I have never met, I am filled with love and courage. Here are a few columns you’d be expecting loosely as a start; and along the way, I wish to create as much bilingual content as I can.








So hey, I’ll see you around.

May the force (4th) be with you.

J x

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