56 days of meditation


Not a beginner’s guide of what type of mat, cushion, timer, APP, or space you will need to start meditating, this is a 56-day beginner who has opened new doors to possibilities, sharing a journey to the “here and now”.

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  1. SAY YES – that’s all I did to get it started, on the first day of an endless lockdown. I left an open door to a 21-day meditation program I was completely not sure about, without judging what I’d be receiving.
  2. INTENTIONS – oftentimes, we forget about our “choice muscle”. Instead of passively perceiving, set the intentions, think about what are the proactive decisions we can make today, to provide ourselves a more present environment. 
  3. ACCEPTANCES – once our intentions are set, trust that we have all the wisdoms we need to serve our possibilities, and surrender into them. Forgive, of whatever we have judged ourselves in the past, for guilt, for failures, for regrets, for mistakes, for not achieving, for not completing, for not fulfilling, for not promising; AND forgive, by accepting the struggles we had in the past, that no longer serve us as who we are today. Love motivates our abilities of pure acceptance.
  4. EXPECTATIONS – think about all the surprise gifts and events that made us extremely happy, simply because, we did not expect them to happen. We are the most content when we have the least expectations, in other words, when we are detached from our projected outcomes, we allow everyone and everything to have the freedom to be exactly as they are, unexpectedly.
  5. ATTENTIONS – I was asked to write a Letter of Gratitude to the people who have hurt me at some point of my life. It was a powerful practice, to gain new understandings of myself, through whom have actually popped up in my mind, and how they have contributed to my personal growth, to be who I am today. Perspectives, matters. Your attention to the right perspectives, matters more.
  6. ATTRACTIONS – during meditation, elevating the thought of “it will make me feel better” to “I want to be better”, the first relies on external elements to achieve “feeling good”, while the latter comes from an initiative within. “The more we give, the more we receive; we give what we want to receive.” That’s the ultimate Law of Attraction.

J x



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