oh, it’s about time

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There are many books out there explaining the how, the what, the why of our lives, but not many about the WHEN. And ironically, we live in a world having to make “when” decisions Every. Single. Day. – when to schedule a meeting, when to change a job, when to get a divorce, when to start a diet – we’ve often relied on intuitive energies or random instincts to figure out our milestones and daily routines.

In this book, Daniel Pink used a data-driven approach to explain the WHYs of WHEN, and WHENs of WHAT, with his extensive research from psychology, biology, neuroscience, and economics perspectives, to help us find out why timing isn’t everything, but everything is about timing.

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What is your chronotype? When are the best time slots of the day to make decisions, to do analytical work, to be creative, and to make an impression? What are the best 86 days in a year to make a fresh start? Do we ignore our emotional waves of the day or surf the waves by strategizing our tasks? When should you go first and when should you go last? Why do we edit our friends’ circle while we age? What is the self-compassion we should hold when we are at our time of slump? Why should you never book a doctor’s appointment in the afternoons?

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By having the scientific understanding of how TIME works, we gain a holistic understanding of why society is the way it is, and how to rise to each occasion at its best timing.

Ending today’s journal by sharing this quote by Orson Wellnes, for the you who have been looking for a timing of closure: If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.

In tomorrow’s #TwistofTraining, I will continue curating WHEN is the best time to exercise for different purposes.

Have a productive week ahead.

J x

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