Proud Mommy.

Dominyck bought me dinner with his pocket money on Mother’s Day. Nothing fancy, but at our favorite little restaurant outside the Grocery’s for the signature Tom Yum Ramen and a few Dim Sum he liked. While waiting for food, he went to the Bakery next door and bought some bread, then I asked, “Oh, you […]

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A Retreat beyond a Treat.

I never believed in any sort of retreats. I was being judgemental – as they all seemed so overrated and commercial. But I always believed, every encounter in life is not a coincidence. Whether “good” or “bad”, in any sense, they are meant to happen, and subsequently triggers the next encounter – and when I […]

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Twist of Thoughts.

We’ve often being asked while growing up, “What’s your life motto?” Be it an inspirational quote, a philosophical statement, or an ambitious goal – as we grow older, we know what actually triggers us the most, are the realisations built through teeny-weeny twists of feelings. To me, before the moments of realisations were grasped, the […]

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