Poached Prawns in Clear Stock

I had a hard time trying to come up with an English name for this dish with the correct interpretation, as from literal translation, it is Salted Water Prawns (盐水虾). This is one of the most common dishes you will find in any local restaurants in Shanghai, as well as in the surrounding Jiang Nan […]

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Pho the Real Boss

Gave it a fun name, because this recipe actually came from my boss. Every time we are in LA for regular meetings or reporting, he would make Pho for us over one of the weekends. Pho is regarded as the national dish of Vietnam with many different recipes, yet if you don’t know, California has […]

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Claypot Crab with Glass Noodles

This was a dish nominated 2 weeks ago, and here it is a first trial version that is not heavy on taste and keeps most of the original flavors from the crabs. Ingredients: Fresh Crabs (Soft Shell) Glass Noodles White Onion Carrot Baby Cabbages Ginger Garlic Spring Onions Fresh or Dried Chili 3 tbsp Cornstarch […]

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