Rose Cleansing Treatment Balm

Eve Lom has been around for years with superb reviews amongst my friends, but that didn’t trigger me to purchase until I decided to give this one a try – just for the name – Rose. Cleansing. Treatment. (huh?!) My night cleansing routine typically contains 3 steps: Make-up / Sunblock remover, Gel / Milk Face […]

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Barcelona: Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is one of his most poetic and artistic designs for a building, with a combination of Color, Form, and Lights, it is known as the house of nature, and every curve is magical – as Dali once said, “Gaudi has built a house representing the stormy sea and all sorts of water.” As […]

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56 days of meditation

  Not a beginner’s guide of what type of mat, cushion, timer, APP, or space you will need to start meditating, this is a 56-day beginner who has opened new doors to possibilities, sharing a journey to the “here and now”. SAY YES – that’s all I did to get it started, on the first […]

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workout during menstruation

Honestly, I am no expert in Sports Science, neither a professional trainer, but I do listen to my body, and with tried-and-true experiences, I am a big supporter on the ideas of working out during the “menstrual cycle”, or in another word, the Period, PERIOD. If you are a man reading this, please don’t avoid […]

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a little twist about Me.

#TwistofTalk is an interview column (follow along via on IG) aiming to “share an honest conversation”, in order to discover the extraordinaries in the ordinaries in us, that are round us. To kick start the first episode, I did a little interview with myself as an ice-breaker, by using the random questions under an […]

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Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia

Regardless how many times you walked out of that metro station, turned around, raised your head – you’ll still be holding your breath, time and time again. La Sagrada Familia is inspired by the natural forms of trees and branches, always growing upwards. The geometric construction has always lived in its own harmony over the […]

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Gym vs. Home Workout

Between when I was 17 to 34, I used to do 100 sit-ups before going to bed (it sounds a lot, but once you are used to it, it’s a piece of cake!) – however over the years, I found sit-ups can injure my lower back, so I started going to the gym instead. My […]

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May the 4th be with you.

This ( IG: ) foreword has come a long way. Been extracting all the feelings I wanted to express for this first post, all the childhood dreams of wanting to be a writer, and all the career journeys ventured through this thing called “content”, it has gone far more than I have asked for. […]

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MCO Wellness Challenge

I have always relied on gym equipments on a daily basis, and have been looking for alternative workout options since the MCO (lockdown). 2 days in, I found a whole new world that equipments are not the essentials to achieve our workout goals. Hope you’ll keep staying home and being active at the same time, […]

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