Twist of Trends // Beauty #01

Been wanting to put together a look with all the new products I’ve tried lately, and here I am sharing my list of reviews!

the belif Skin Care Set

Heard about this brand for a while as it always appears on the Duty Free catalogues when I travel. Was really excited to see them in the gift packs from @supparetreat! I absolutely love the Hungarian Water Essence, the texture is so light, refreshing, yet hydrating; as well as the Hydra Balancing Milky Moisturizer, locks all the nutrients absorbed into the skin really well but not oily, when I wake up in the morning, skin feels soft and looks radiant. Although I am not particularly into the texture of the Herbal Toner, it is thicker and with a serum texture (personally prefer a more watery toner before going onto other steps of skincare), it is not too rich and the herbal smell brings a calming touch before going onto other steps of the skincare.

dUCk Face Primer

Second time using a primer, the first one was from Becca but I didn’t really like the sticky and shimmery texture – that I feel for Asian skin-tone, matte effect is mostly preferred for daily use. dUCk primer is super easy to apply and absorbs onto the skin immediately, I have skipped liquid foundation with this primer, as I feel the skin already looked “covered” but has an extra natural glow without the foundation.

THE FACE SHOP Golden Collagen Ampoulle Foundation

In general, I don’t like to use foundations, this was only used to touch up around eyes and brows, so that the colors of the makeup can be more vibrant and stays on longer. Gently pat around the desired areas, it blends with the primer really well without leaving your face look powdery, and most importantly, it stays on when you sweat in tropical weather!

dUCk You Glow Girl Bohemian Palette

Instead of bringing my NARS palettes, I brought this all-in-one palette for my trip, and I realised it was such a hands-on combination to create day-to-night looks! Pina Colada has been my base color for eyes, highlighter for brow bones and nose. I used Peach Sunset as eyeshadow, as well as the blush, Coconut Cabana as the bronzer and to enhance the eyes. For a day time or a sweeter look, I would touch up a bit of Strawberry Crush on top of Peach Sunset to create a more layered radiance.

THE FACE SHOP Flat Glossy Lipstick in New York

It is Glossy, however it is not shiny. The flat lipstick is really moisture and easy to draws out the lip lines. If you prefer a really matte finish, apply one layer, use a facial tissue to pat on your lips, and repeat the 2 steps again. You will be getting a super smooth matte look!

Till the next beauty-ful discovery.

– J x

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