MCO Wellness Challenge

I have always relied on gym equipments on a daily basis, and have been looking for alternative workout options since the MCO (lockdown).

2 days in, I found a whole new world that equipments are not the essentials to achieve our workout goals. 

Hope you’ll keep staying home and being active at the same time, we are all in this together.

Sharing my daily trials and resources here.

P.S I hurt my toes so it’s all no-jumping workout for now. I started working work out at home since the second day of MCO.


MCO Day 2 // No-jumping Workout

15min Full Body –

15min Thighs –

20min Stretching –

MCO Day 3 // No-jumping Workout

45min Full Body –

15min Stretching –

MCO Day 4 // No-jumping Workout

30min Waist and Thigh –

5min K-POP Full Body –

15min Posture –

MCO Day 5 // No-jumping Workout

20min Lowe Abs –

15min Thighs & Legs –

10min Arms & Upper Body –

10min Posture –

10min Stretching –

MCO Day 6 // Partly Jumping Workout

Gave myself an extra kick for Monday morning, failed some, but it was accomplished.

10min Plank Focused Legs & Thighs:

10min Full Body (I failed this one):

10min Arms & Back (struggled with this one):

10min Arms without Pushups:

10min Legs & Things:

20min Stretching:

MCO Day 7 // No Jumping Workout

Only did a 45min Full Body in the morning, was a bit tired from yesterday:

MCO Day 8 // Partially Jumping Workout

Followed a One Hour Full Body workout, did 45 mins and skipped the last 15mins for stretching:

MCO Day 9 // No Jumping Workout

20min Belly & Thigh:

15min Intense Abs:

10min Arm & Back:

20min Full Body Stretching:

No picture of me today, but a picture of Dom while I stalk after him working out.

MCO Day 10 // Partially Jumping Workout

30min Full Body:

10min Intense Abs:

10min Under Arm:

10min Stretching:

MCO Day 11 // No-jumping Workout

45min Full Body:

10min Upper Body:

MCO Day 12 // No-jumping Workout

10min Warmup with Liv Lo:

15min Thighs:

10min Plank Focused:

10min Lower Abs:

10min Back:

10min Stretching:

MCO Day 13 // Workout by Fitness Blender

2min Plank Challenge

32min Full Body Cardio:

10min Abs:

10min Back and Core:

MCO Day 14 // Partial Jumping Workout

10min Arms & Upper Body:

45min Full Body Cardio + Stretching:

MCO Day 15 // Partially Jumping Workout

15min Full Body Cardio:

10min Plank Focused:

15min Thighs & Legs:

10min Arms & Upper Body:

20min Stretching:

That’s early morning with my mom and dad.

MCO Day 16 & 17 // Partially Jumping Workout

60min Full Body Cardio with Stretching:

Did this for yesterday and today, it’s a tough one.

MCO Day 18 // No Jumping Workout

10min Arms & Back:

10min Plank Focused:

20min Legs & Thigh:

10min Abs:

10min Stretch & Cool Down at own pace

MCO Day 19 // Partially Jumping Workout

60min Full Body that I have done twice last week, found it very challenging and is a very complete workout that covers warm up, arm & back, cardio, Abs, Legs & Thighs, and Stretching.

I might do this for up to 4 times next week.


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